Alexandre Plateau

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Nationality French
Date of birth 11 August 1999
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I am a young autodidact programmer who could be qualified as a Jack of all trades : I went from creating video games to making robots with an Arduino, without forgetting developing my own programming language (in order to understand how it works under the hood). My favorite languages are Python and C++, but I am a fast learner and can adapt easily to any environment with enough time.

Computer skills

Organized from the most mastered to the least one


Python, C++, JavaScript, PHP, C, NASM assembly, Bash, Batch, HTML5, CSS3, XSLT, Java, Ruby


Linux, Windows, Arduino

Tools and libraries

PyCharm, VisualStudio 2017, Atom IDE, CMake, Git, Tiled, Libre Office, Pygame, SFML, SDL, OpenGL, JQuery, Bootstrap, D3.js, ANTLR4, Elastic search

Education and diploma

2018 Laureate of the Bourse Coddity

2017-today Student in PeiP (integrated preparatory class) at Polytech

2017 French baccalauréat, with honours (16.86 / 20)

2017 First Certificate of English, grade B (equivalent of GCSE)


Personal projects

September 2018-today I am working on a 3D game using OpenGL, created in a Minecraft style. I learnt (and I am still learning) a lot about OpenGL and rendering technics, and voxels’ world optimizations.

August 2018 I worked on a 3D rendering library on top of OpenGL, which I am using to create my own Minecraft clone. I learnt the basics of 3D rendering and the inherent problems such as chunk mesh optimization.

May 2018 I created a small 16-bits operating system from scratch, to learn how it works under the hood.

December 2017-today Working on a programming language inspired by Java™, Kafe, running on a VM. The most interesting parts are how to optimize the generated bytecode and how to design the interface of the virtual machine to be able to use it easily in video games.

August 2016-today Working on a Pokémon® oriented video game project with a 3-person team (see it there) ; I discovered how to organize a project of a consequent size.

May 2015-January 2017 Managed to create a Terraria® like project (UrWorld), even though it was very buggy, I learned a lot about game making.


July 2018 Traineeship at the IRHT (department of the French CNRS). My job was to design websites to visualize data in different ways (you can see it here, there and here). I also worked on Python scripts to import/export data from/to the database used (Elastic search) at the IRHT. Another project I was given was a website to visualize different versions of an ancient text (encoded in XML TEI) easily.

July 2016 Worked in a pharmacy as a technician, for a month. My job was to prepare medicines for a machine to pack them into kit.

June 2015 Traineeship in Polytech Orléans for a week, where I helped an electronic technician to prepare electronic circuits for practicals.


English : B2 level

July 2015 School trip for a month to Australia. I was housed by a local family, who helped me discovering the culture of the country.

Spanish : basic, B1 level

2013 School trip for a week in Barcelona, where I have been able to practice my Spanish.

Key skills

I am an autodidact : I learnt video game programming by myself, as well as the fundamentals of a programming language, running on a virtual machine, by making one. I also discovered the base of an operating system by making my own.

I practised over 4 different sports (basket ball, French boxing, swimming, gymnastic), and learned over 10 different programming languages because I am a very curious person. I like learning new ways of thinking and solving problems.

Whenever I have a new project idea, I am following it, just to see how I could implement this or that feature, behaviour or design pattern (my GitHub repositories can confirm it).

As it is almost two years since I have been working on my Pokémon® oriented project, and about two years on a remake of Terraria® (first version was UrWorld, then Wilanda, and now UrPlanet), I think I can tell I am very invested in my projects.